Content For Social Media Marketing

Who not wants to do free social media to grow their business ?

so we’re going to talk about way to put a content

and get the most of the conversion

what do we post in social media ?

if you have an business and which type of post do you put

most of people do is they post their product picture

if a big player is there then he will post something professional but

normal small business person take a picture via phone

or may be by there friends dslr camera

and post it

like office photo and all that

do think logically

do someone will like your page

so we need to post different types of content

we need to post and do check analytics

which types of post is gaining much popularity

so basically if we see in social media then

different social media PLATFORM have different features but basically

if we see the types then there is common thing among them

you can insert images,text,pole or

may be quiz

or you can post tagging mechanism like Shaadi karungi tho sirf sahil se

korangi tag a sahil

so same type of strategy if you can apply in your business

then your business will grow,but you can’t do same thing daily

like Shaadi karungi tho sirf sahil se

next day like Shaadi karungi tho sirf mukesh se

this scene will not work with everyone, you need to get it

which type of mechanism I must use in my business

if you product is for girls

then the post will be accordingly like

normal girl photo and top of it

wrote all girls nakra

whatever,you may know

if a customer comes to you then what type of attitude do they show

so you need to put a post based on your customer attitude

and write if

this is your friend then tag him

this is one type of post,you can even make a video,post but

every type of business need different things

to run and you need to understand it

first do post all types of thing and then do check it’s analytics

do check after 1 to 2 months

which post is successful the most

the one which is running the most I will use that one and the lesser one

will be used less often and here

we will apply 80/20 rule means

I will bring 80% enggagement

will be posting engagement post like

sahil whatever

and 20% will be

promoting our product,we won’t be always be posting only tag

office photo

for example if I am posting 10 photo

then the 2 post will be of my product

like offers and all that

if you will take it for the basic

then it will be easier for you

do take your example in social media

will I am gonna to like or share it

if I will do that then do post it

and if I don’t do that think logically

how would do my customer would like and share

so whenever we post something we need to think first by our self,if I will like or share

and the strategies did I tell you

do not sell in every post not do not make engagement in every post

need to follow 80/20 rule and

automatically it will keep on growing

if you have enough money then you can run a ad

but this strategy is free of cost

means firstly you make a post and then

tagged to 2 of your friends and shared it

and they will tage other and the other

and it will automatically start getting viral

this is proven technique.