All right ! so there are a ton of different

digital marketing training out there .

You’ve got YouTube you can watch

free courses from universities so which

one should you take if you want to learn

the skill of digital marketing it really

depends on what your goal is if your

goal is to just learn a little bit about

the skill maybe you want to enhance

yourself in a different unrelated career

then there’s going to be certain

resources that are going to be better

but if your goal is to actually get a

job in digital marketing or make money

as a freelancer then there’s going to be

other resources that are going to be

better so that’s what this video is

going to be all about we’re going to be

going over the best digital marketing

courses that are available on the market

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and let’s jump right into it number five

is going to be

udemy udemy has a bunch of different

digital marketing courses and some of

them are really good so for instance

here’s some pretty good one funds the

complete digital marketing course 12

courses in one digital marketing

masterclass by Phil ebiner as well as

many others I’ve taken some of his

classes before Phil’s awesome and then

there’s one that a friend of mine Seth

said was amazing and Seth is a digital

marketer very experienced he really

knows his stuff and that is by Isaac

rudansky now I haven’t taken this one

personally myself but it has very high

reviews so udemy can be great for

learning individual skills but I have

one massive problem with udemy udemy

focuses on teaching you information and

that’s great if you’re just trying to

learn a little bit here and there but

where it fails is teaching you how to

actually get a job and I see this over

and over again with people who make

online courses this is the same mistake

people make over and over again and then

they wonder why they don’t get people

results and that is they try to teach

people everything right so a lot of

people who make these courses might be

like five ten years into their digital

marketing career and they know a lot

about digital marketing and so they’re

like you know what I’m going to create a

course that teaches people everything

that I know about digital marketing but

the thing is they’ve done lots of

different projects they’ve worked for

years they’ve gotten paid to do it and

they have a ton of reference experience

so it’s very easy for them to remember

all this stuff that you need to know

because they’ve applied all of it but

when it comes to teaching students

people have never done it before if you

try to teach them everything they’re

going to end up learning nothing and so

what’s much better when it comes to

teaching people an entry level course to

try to get them an entry-level job is to

teach them only what they need to know

in order to land the job and I seriously

cannot emphasize how important this is

the difference between courses that

actually get people results like you see

people getting jobs like one job after

another and courses that don’t get

people results is usually the ones that

don’t get people results has a lot more

information in it usually they’re like

100 200 hours long and the ones that get

people actual results are like maybe 20

to 40 hours and then the ones that

actually get people results sometimes

are like 15 to 40 hours of content and

then the ones that actually actually get

people results are a lot less and then

another problem with the udemy courses

is there usually isn’t much of a

community so you’re kind of just doing

it on your own and there’s not much of a

community aspect to it and there is a

lot to be said about how much that helps

people so udemy can be great if you have

realistic expectations about going into

it it’s probably not going to help you

get a job or become a freelancer that

gets paid a lot of money next on the

list is going to be simply learn now

simply learn is kind of like a

combination of udemy and boot camps so a

lot of the time they will have kind of

like shorter courses that you can take

and then they also have boot camps that

you can take as well now boot camps are

designed to get you a job that’s like

the whole purpose of going to a boot

camp and some of the online courses on

simply learn range from a thousand

dollars all the way up to the boot camp

which is eight thousand dollars is much

more expensive but they’re aiming to

actually get you a job now if you look

at ratings online they are pretty decent

you know you see 4.4 out of 5 on Career

Karma with 1200 ratings 4.49 out of five

on course Report with 700 ratings and

4.5 out of 5 on trustpilot with over 21

000 ratings but keep in mind some of

them are courses some of them are boot

camps and then some of them are like

online so yeah simply learn overall if

you look at all the ratings and

everything it does seem to be pretty

good the big downside here is the price

right eight thousand dollars for a boot

camp that is a lot of money and it’s

good I just think some of the other ones

on the list are even better next one on

the list is going to be Udacity

nanodegrees so these are sort of online

course that they call Nano degrees but

essentially they’re just the same thing

so if you look at the ratings here

really good 4.9 out of 5 stars on Career

Karma 4.72 out of 5 on course report and

4.8 out of 5 on trustpilot with over

2400 rating now these Udacity

nanodegrees are relatively expensive so

they range anywhere from one to two

thousand dollars depending on how fast

you get them done because of the fact

that they pay monthly and the Nano

degrees are typically designed to get

you an entry-level job just like a

college degree is supposed to so yeah

overall I do like the Udacity

nanodegrees I do think they’re you’re

more likely to get a job than a lot of

the boot camps out there and then you

know the one to two thousand dollar

price tag is a lot better than a lot of

the boot camps as well but with that

being said there are better options out

there next we’re going to be looking at

Coursera now of course Sarah has a bunch

of different certificates and

certifications I’m just going to go

ahead and refer to them as certs and

these certs typically come along with a

training class now Coursera is

relatively affordable uh last time I

checked I believe there were 49 dollars

per month and after you get done with

these classes you get a certificate and

a lot of the time the certificates are

issued by IBM Google Facebook these are

well respected companies that hiring

managers business owners and recruiters

are going to recognize and respect now

the training itself I can’t comment on

too much I have actually heard some

mixed reviews when it comes to digital

marketing on how good the training is

but with that being said the

certificates absolutely move the needle

whether or not the training is good if

hiring managers business owners and

recruiters respect the certificate that

that is going to get you more interviews

it’s going to get you more eyeballs and

it’s going to increase your likelihood

of getting a job now with that being

said do I think a 49 a month training

program that gets you a certificate is

going to be all you need to get a job

not in digital marketing I just simply

don’t think it’s enough but with that

being said the value that it provides at

49 per month is still really good so

overall I am a big fan of Coursera I

think it’s very reasonably priced for

the value that they provide I think

sometimes the courses are good sometimes

they’re not so good but the certificates

generally speaking do actually make a

big difference there is a clear number

one on this list and honestly it’s not

even close this is by far the best

resource that you can possibly use if

you want to become a digital marketer or

make money as a digital marketer

freelancer and that company is called

the digital career blueprint now the

digital career blueprint is a dedicated

online course it’s interactive they have

a Facebook group that has thousands of

members many of them are Digi digital

marketers so you can actually ask people

who already have jobs their opinions on

stuff the Facebook group is also very

active it’s not one of those dead

Facebook groups where you join and then

people haven’t posted in six months they

have live classes every single week they

also give you assignments that are

graded and you get a lot of feedback so

it’s essentially almost like an online

boot camp it’s just way way more

affordable and it gets people much much

better results and that’s evident by the

fact that the person who created it his

name is Seth Jared he has thousands of

testimonials reviews and interviews

between his Facebook Instagram LinkedIn

and YouTube channel seriously like he

has more evidence that his course gets

people jobs than all of the other

courses and boot camps and Nano degrees

or whatever you want to call them

combine and all of these interviews are

either where he just talks with a person

and they go back and forth or they show

the person’s LinkedIn so these are all

people you can verify they’re real

people you can go and ask them what they

think about the course if you want so

there’s an overwhelming amount of

evidence that he gets people jobs can

consistently so a lot of the time he’s

getting people jobs and like somewhere

between one to three months most of the

time they’re starting off forty to fifty

thousand dollars a year and within three

years or so they can make it up to a

hundred thousand so it’s really just a

phenomenal product I’ve looked at so

many different products in the online

education space and when it comes to

digital marketing it’s honestly not even

close this is the best product by a mile

now it is eight hundred dollars but he

does have a 30 day money back guarantee

and on top of that if you want to kind

of see what the program is all about see

the different types of digital marketing

see if digital marketing is good for

your personality he does have a free

master class which I will put down in

the description as well as the penned

comment and if you want to see me

interview a 16 year old that used this

course to get a job.