Facebook Marketing Strategy

facebook is easily the biggest and most

important social media network available

right now with almost 3 billion users

you simply can’t afford to ignore the

powerhouse that is the facebook empire

but what’s even more exciting isn’t just

the number of users that facebook has

but the tools that facebook gives you in

order to reach and to market to its


from pages to groups to messenger to ads

and so much more

facebook really is a one-stop marketing

shop and nothing else even comes close

not even a little and when you

understand how to use the tools that

facebook gives you

in order to reach your clients or your

customers right where they are

right now you’ll never go hungry for

leads customers

or sales again so let’s get to it

facebook first came out in 2004 but it

was in 2009

that it officially became the most

popular social media platform

in the world and it hasn’t stopped

growing since this is why whether you’re

a business owner

an entrepreneur a marketer or even an

employee that works for a business

you simply can’t afford to ignore

facebook but knowing that facebook


is important to your business and

knowing what tools are available and how

to use them well

those are two completely different

things and that’s why in this episode

i’m gonna break down the different ways

to use facebook to reach your audience

grow your business and make more sales

we’ll start with the easiest and we’ll

move progressively through the list of


getting to the more complicated and more

advanced strategies the beauty of

facebook is that there

really is something here for everyone

whether you’re first getting started

marketing your business on facebook

or whether you’ve been at this game for

years so let’s kick things off with one

of the easiest and also

one of my favorite ways to market

yourself and your business on facebook

which is the facebook personal page when

most people think about facebook the

personal page is normally the first

thing that comes to mind

in fact the general public people

outside of marketing and outside of

business well

they’re normally not even familiar with

all of the other options that facebook

gives you

maybe aside from messenger and the odd

facebook ad that pops up on their

newsfeed to them

the facebook personal page is facebook

your facebook personal page is the main

page that you see when you first log in

it’s what you signed up for it’s

typically your name and it’s the page

you use to connect with friends or with

family it’s not your business page you

can’t run ads through it it’s just

there but here’s the deal it’s also one

of the most effective ways to connect

with your network

and to build your business and here’s

why first especially if you’re just

getting started

in business it is incredibly important

that your friends

and your family know what you do after

all word of mouth and getting referrals

are incredibly powerful ways to build

up your business but for them to refer

you they need to know what you do

after all people can’t buy from you if

they don’t know that you exist or in

this case people can’t buy from you if

they do know you exist but don’t know

that you have a business i learned this

lesson personally

years ago the hard way when i

accidentally created content on my

personal page

that i meant for my business page and

all of my friends and my family chimed

in and

they were asking questions about

marketing and they had no idea

that i was doing marketing now at the

time i was telling myself that i didn’t

want to spam my friends and spam my


with my business so i would keep it

separate this was a huge mistake the

reality is

is you can post strategically and

carefully on your personal page

about your business without spamming

without being sleazy or salesy just

let people know what you do the other

reason that makes your personal facebook

page just so effective

really comes down to the almighty

facebook algorithm which

is essentially the system behind what

facebook shows and to who it shows your

stuff too

well your facebook personal page is

still one of the places that you have

decent organic reach

meaning you can create content on your

personal page and it has a pretty good

chance of getting shown to your friends

and to your family alright moving on to

the next tool that facebook gives you

which is the facebook business page

here’s the deal with the facebook

business page if you have a business

you need a facebook business page period

this is non-negotiable now the beauty of

the facebook business page is that it

gives you access to a whole new set of


that just aren’t available through your

personal page like putting in your

business address

as well as running ads which we’re going

to talk about later unlike your personal

page however which should be

largely personal with a little bit of

business your business page should be

largely if not completely business now

this doesn’t mean

being boring and it also doesn’t mean

hammering your audience

with offer after offer trying to get

them to buy something but it does mean

keeping your content on key

and largely business focused or business

related or things that your customers or


would find useful or interesting or

valuable people that follow your

personal page are going to be interested

in you

whereas people that follow your business

page may be interested in you but

they’re probably more interested

in what your business can do now when

you first start a business page you’re

gonna have all of zero followers so

you may be tempted to spend money on ads

in order to build up your followers but

to this

uh i’d caution you first of all we saw

this years ago when people spent a ton

of money building up

all of these followers for their

business page only to have the facebook

algorithm change

and immediately destroy pretty much all

of the reach that was coming from the


meaning let’s say you had a hundred

followers on your business page and you

created content in the past

maybe 50 or maybe even 60 people would

see it well then they changed the

algorithm and now

two people would see it maybe five so

all of this money that was spent on

building up followers was largely wasted

this is why a better approach is rather

to try to build it up organically

mention it through your website

through your email newsletter and also

let your facebook business page


be a byproduct of any ads that you run


we’ll talk about that in the future and

by future i mean in just a minute but


facebook stories facebook stories are a

fun and lighthearted and casual way

to share kind of quick moments or behind

the scenes goings-on

of your business stories are vertical

videos or pictures

shot from your phone and they only last

24 hours the cool thing about stories is

that they have stickers and

effects and different emojis really just

kind of have some fun with them when it

comes to facebook stories the key really

is just to use them

and use them often once a day pretty

much at least maybe even twice

or three times or five times or ten

times depending on your business

depending on your market depending on

your audience the great thing about

stories though and why they really do

need to be a part of your marketing

is that they’re a little more real a

little more raw and a little more


they’re also fast and fun really easy to

make just grab your phone

snap a quick picture shoot a quick video

and pretty much done

all right now let’s talk about one of

the most feared of all the facebook

tools which is none other than facebook


facebook live just like instagram live

or youtube live or any other live that’s

going to come out in the future

is a live streaming platform meaning you

can create live videos

from your phone or from your desktop and

broadcast them out either on your

personal page or your business page

or in any groups that you’re a part of

or own going live

is a really effective way to show your

true personality in a real

and raw and authentic way after all it’s


like you can’t edit that stuff out

that’s also why it freaks people out but

your audience loves it you can go live

from your phone or you can set up an

entire live streaming studio from your

desktop computer and go completely


the choice is totally up to you the

point though here is that if you can

find the courage to go live

and don’t be afraid to start small from

your phone and work your way up from


if you can find the courage to do that

it is an incredibly effective marketing


alright now let’s talk about facebook

messenger facebook messenger gives you

the ability to message people directly

much like a text or

sms but done directly through the

facebook platform just like with the

going live feature well you can do this

through your personal page or through

your business page there are some

advantages to using your business page

being that you can incorporate more

software like a chat bot

which can actually do some initial

filtering and some initial

heavy lifting of the conversation to

sort and to segment and to guide people

where they need to go there’s also now

the ability to message your instagram


through facebook messenger because

facebook owns instagram but

we’ll talk about that later too and by

later i mean in just a minute the cool

thing about messenger though isn’t just

the accessibility and the

ability to message friends and family

and clients and customers and things

like that

but also all of the tools and the

features and the kind of nifty things

that it gives you you can of course send

emojis and stickers and gifs but you can

also send audio messages as well as my

personal favorite

video messages most importantly though

is to really put yourself in your

customers or in your client’s shoes

being empathetic

to the way that they want to communicate

with you and with your business

and a lot of people prefer messenger all

right it’s time to talk about facebook


facebook groups are an incredibly

powerful feature that facebook gives you

to build a community of like-minded


around a certain topic or interest or


and there are facebook groups out there

for pretty much everything you can think

of like

literally pretty much everything there’s

even a facebook group out there of

people who all pretend to be ants in an

ant colony and before you write this off

as just a weird corner of the internet

this facebook group of ant impersonators

has nearly two million people

now when it comes to marketing with

facebook groups you have three different


option one is a free facebook group the

strategy behind creating your own free

facebook group is essentially you create

a group you don’t charge anything for

people to join

and you use it to generate leads and

foster connection and

build engagement and rapport with

members of your group free facebook

groups can work

amazingly well but they’re very niche

and market and industry specific

so you want to be careful to make sure

that your business best aligns with

offering a free facebook group plus they

take a ton of time

and energy and careful strategy and

planning to really make sure that

they’re working

to the way they should you can’t just

toss up a free facebook group

add a couple people in there and expect

it to grow your business this is why i

consider a free facebook group more of

an intermediate strategy the next option

is a paid facebook group

now by paid facebook group i don’t mean

that you’re paying facebook to have a


rather your members or your clients or

your customers are paying you

and as a benefit they get access to a

group you can use this as a standalone

membership community or you can use it

as a value

add to your current products or services

the content strategy inside of a paid

group is obviously

quite different than that inside of a

free group because people paid to be in

there so it better be good

the third option is other people’s

facebook groups and this is by far

my least favorite strategy of all in

fact i’d even go so far as to say i

genuinely dislike this strategy now

it did used to work quite a few years

ago when facebook groups were still

relatively new and not every single

person had tried and spammed and

really sleazed their way out of this

strategy there’s an expression that

marketers ruin

everything and it’s kind of true because

as soon as something works

everybody does it and then it stops

working well going into other people’s

facebook groups providing

value bombs which were essentially just

spammy sleazy salesy type posts

and then trying to get people to direct

message you to siphon off from the group

again used to be an effective strategy

but now just looks spammy and sleazy

and salesy and people know what’s going

on so if anyone tells you that a great

marketing strategy today is simply to

sign up for everybody’s free groups and


leave a ton of valuable comments or

helpful posts and then slowly start

siphoning off members for your own


that’s bad advice it makes you look

salesy it makes you look sleazy and it

makes you look needy

none of which are good for business on

the other hand if you genuinely care

about the group

about the business about the topic about

the people inside

then by all means create valuable

content engage and respond

be helpful and be useful but don’t make

this your primary marketing tool as a

way to grow your business

let any business boosting or networking

or relationships that come from it

be a nice secondary byproduct alright

it’s time to talk about facebook ads

facebook ads are probably one of my

favorite parts and favorite tools that

facebook gives you

to promote your business and one i’ve

been using for the past decade

but it wasn’t till around 2013 where

retargeting ads really came out

that things really got effective anyway

facebook ads

even still to this day are still one of

the most cost effective and

strategic marketing uses available to

you but what makes facebook ads so


isn’t just the fact that they’re giving

you access to facebook’s massive

audience database

but rather the targeting and the

placements and the creative capabilities

that you have

to create really high converting ads

facebook ads are great and you should

absolutely be looking at them

as a part of your marketing strategy

however like

all advertising they’re not a magic

bullet rather advertising

facebook ads in this case are an

accelerator meaning if you have a good


and a good offer clear messaging an

ideal target market that’s really

clearly defined

well facebook ads are going to enable

you to accelerate your business and

amplify the results

on the other hand if you have a

questionable product or service

or an unproven offer that just isn’t


well facebook ads are only going to make

it fail faster this is why the key or

the secret if you will to creating high

converting facebook ads

always comes back to the basics always

comes back to strategy

first you need to clearly identify who

exactly it is that you’re trying to


their demographic details like what’s

their age and their gender and their

income and their occupation their

geographic details like what city or

state or province or country they live

in and most importantly at least when it

comes to facebook

what are their psychographic details

like their values and their attitudes

and their lifestyles what other pages do

they like

what other interests do they have what

other groups are they a part of

then you need to dive even deeper and

try to figure out your markets biggest


and problems and fears and frustrations

so you can craft effective ad messaging

and effective ad copy

that speaks directly to these pains it’s

only then that you get to decide

where you want your facebook ad to

appear and what you want it to look like

admittedly it’s kind of complicated

stuff but

learning it and getting it right is an

absolute game changer for your business


now let’s move on to some of the lesser

lesser-known facebook marketing tools


while aren’t necessarily huge right now

they could be in the future so they’re

worth learning about

paying attention to the first of which

is facebook watch

facebook watch is a feature that you may

or may not have even heard of

facebook watch is kind of like

facebook’s version of youtube but

without the cool search features and

only available to some people but it’s

also kind of like netflix cause it has

its own original shows but it’s also

still on

facebook so it’s kind of like facebook

basically facebook watch

is still kind of hard to categorize

regardless it’s worth paying attention

to because

anything facebook does is worth paying

attention to after all it’s hard to say

when they’re going to open up access to

more creators and

what kind of reach and what kind of

exposure they’re going to permit other

businesses to have

but at least for now unless you’re a

massive business with a multi-million

dollar marketing budget

it’s probably best just to be aware of

it but then leave it alone next up

facebook portal facebook portal is

facebook’s version of a smart video

conference device

essentially it lets you live video chat

with your facebook friends does have

some other cool features though like

letting you

listen to music or check your front door

or look through your photos from a

business perspective however it’s tough

to say how or

when this will be fully incorporated

that said it does let you do video calls

from messenger or whatsapp

so you could use it to connect with your

clients or your customers and you can

use portal’s camera to go live so

if you want to do a facebook live you’ve

got that option what’s cool though and


more interesting is facebook portal’s

use of ar

or augmented reality which gives you

some pretty cool and pretty interesting


which right now are available on the

portal but may soon be incorporated into

other facebook products

and speaking of ar augmented reality

let’s take a look at vr

virtual reality and facebook’s move into

that world with oculus facebook acquired

oculus which produces virtual reality


back in 2014 for 2.3 billion dollars

so clearly they believe in the future of

virtual reality that said

we’re still a long way away from virtual

reality vr

becoming a part of our everyday lives i

mean just think about how many people

you know that spend at least an hour a


using virtual reality technology i’m

willing to bet not many maybe not

maybe one but that doesn’t mean that

it’s not going to become a more dominant

and more relevant technology

in the future so again it’s worth

knowing about and paying attention to

for now though unless you’ve got that

multi-million dollar marketing budget

again probably worth paying attention to

and being aware of

but putting it on the back burner

alright so up to this point we’ve

covered the big ones the products and

services that facebook has to offer that

you can use to craft

the perfect facebook marketing strategy

but we’re not quite done yet because

there’s still a couple more platforms

you need to be aware of

if you truly want to dominate the

facebook platform and here’s the deal

we’ve covered a lot so far but facebook

has over 40 different products

and services crazy eh but i really want

to make this clear you do not

and should not use them all rather you

want to be careful and strategic

and highly selective about the tools

about the products about the services

that best align with you your business

your customers

and your goal use the best ignore the

rest sounds like a tagline.