Instagram Marketing Strategy

if you’re using instagram to grow your

business and you’re not getting the

results that you were hoping for i’ve

got good news it’s not your fault it’s

just that instagram is in the middle of

one of the biggest transformations that

we’ve ever seen on the platform the bad

news is that if you don’t pivot and

adjust your strategy your business is

just going to become collateral damage

as we head down this new path but the

good news is there is something you can

do to turn this all around actually

there are 10 things you can do 10 things

that i’m going to share with you in this

video right now so let me show you how

it’s done starting by giving you some

tips on how to adapt to this new

instagram and on the exact kind of

content that it wants you to create

your instagram marketing strategy isn’t

working as well as you want right now

because things have changed but nobody

told you and that’s not cool but the

fact is that what used to work even a

few months ago is dramatically different

than the strategies and tactics that

we’re seeing succeed on the platform

right now the good news is you’re here

right now and i’m gonna be giving you

the goods on exactly what’s working on

instagram right now i’ll show you what’s

hot what’s not and what you may already

know but might have forgot that rhyme

didn’t it for example instagram is a

photo sharing site right wrong even the

head of instagram adam asari has come

out and said that video not photos is

what instagram is now focused on today i

actually want to talk a bit more about

video and i want to start by saying

we’re no longer a photo sharing app or a

square photo sharing app okay so you can

just make a couple videos and upload

them to instagram and he’ll do okay

right wrong again whoa sorry that was a

little harsh what i mean is that it’s a

lot more complicated than that for

example you can upload videos as a post

as a story as a reel or go live and each

of those has its own advantages and

disadvantages but there is one that’s

pretty much dominating all others right

now reels and carousels here’s the deal

instagram has one goal and one goal only

i mean sure their official mission

statement is to capture and share the

world’s moments but the real goal is far

more practical and capitalistic that is

to make money no surprise there i hope

after all that’s the goal of every

business and the way that instagram

makes money is through advertising which

means they need two things to succeed

first they need advertisers people

willing to pay money to put their ads in

front of people and next they need

people to show those ads too and that’s

the key to this whole thing the better a

job that instagram can do to keep more

people on the platform for longer the

more ads they can show and the more

money they can make and this is why

reels and carousels are the only two

kinds of content you should be creating

right now because reels and carousels

have the highest engagement time which

gives instagram more time to serve more

people more ads

there are three things you need to know

if you want to create effective high

converting and profitable instagram ads

first you need to be using the right

kind of ad format you see instagram has

changed a lot over the past few months

and there’s one kind of ad format that’s

working better than pretty much any

other kind of instagram ad right now if

you choose the wrong ad format or worse

just go along with the default settings

and leave it up to instagram to decide

where to show your ad it doesn’t matter

how smart or funny or creative your

instagram ads are they’re just not gonna

work next you need to script your ad in

a very specific way known as p-a-s-o or

paso this is going to hook your viewer

right from the start keep them engaged

throughout your ad and get them to take

action at the end but don’t worry if

you’ve never heard of this before most

people haven’t so i’m going to show you

exactly what it means and how you can

incorporate it into your instagram ads

and lastly you need to use something

called sequencing sequencing is an

advertising strategy that not a lot of

people know about but it’s been proven

to increase your ads consumption by 87

and the amount of conversions you get by

56 or more understanding how sequencing

works won’t just make your instagram ads

more effective but you’ll see how you

can apply this to any and all marketing

and advertising you create from today

forward sequencing really is the closest

thing to a marketing magic bullet that

i’ve ever found

alright so seeing as you’re here now

watching this video it means you already

understand the power and the influence

that instagram has had on the market in

general so rather than drone on and on

about things you already know let’s dive

right into the tips starting with number

one optimize your bio the very first

thing you want to do on instagram

whether you’re just getting started or

whether you’re looking to take your

account to the next level is to really

fully optimize your bio by describing

accurately clearly and concisely what

you do and who you do it for this is

also your opportunity to talk about why

you’re worth following after all what

you do and who you do it for is one part

of the puzzle but why is your account

worth someone’s attention and time of

course if you’ve got them there you’ve

compelled them with what you do and who

you do it for and why you’re worth

following well then obviously you’re

going to want to follow this up with an

effective call to action leading them

somewhere to get them off the site and

to basically try to build your network

some other way perfect example here is

offering some kind of freebie or guide

or lead magnet and making sure to link

that up using the link in your bio a

really important note is to obviously

make sure that whatever place you’re

sending them off instagram is mobile

optimized because almost all of

instagram takes place on a mobile device

so the last thing you want to do is send

them to some ugly website that doesn’t

work when they get there also bonus

points if you’re using a link tracker

like bitly which is going to enable you

to see just how many people are clicking

the link and ending up where you want

them to go alright tip number two is to

make sure to have a brand plan the three

words that can help you build an

effective brand plan are consistency

clarity and congruence consistency means

that you’re applying a regular schedule

meaning you’re posting regularly you’re

checking in regularly responding to

comments and responding to dms on a

regular and consistent schedule all of

which help prove that you’re a reliable

and trustworthy brand clarity is all

about what you’re about your style and

what you do and making sure that it’s

really clear exactly what you do who you

do it for why you’re worth following

like we already covered but also the

theme and the tone and the style across

your entire account confusing someone is

one of the quickest ways to lose them no

matter what we’re talking about lastly

we have congruence again this kind of

marries the consistency and the clarity

by making sure that what you do what you

talk about what you post and all the

images all really work together and all

really follow the same line the same

theme again making sure that we avoid

confusing anyone about you and about

what you’re about there are three things

you need to know if you want to create

engaging shareable and viral instagram

reels first you need to use something

called auditory associations this sounds

way fancier and more complicated than it

actually is but it’s a crucial part to

tapping into music and sounds that

instagram has proven to hold someone’s

attention which is exactly what you want

your reels to do get this part wrong and

it doesn’t matter how smart or funny or

creative your instagram reels are

they’re just not gonna work the next

thing you need is something called the

rate of revelation every single viral

instagram reel you’ve ever seen lives

and dies by this rule but don’t worry if

you’ve never heard of this before most

haven’t so i’ll show you exactly what it

means and how to implement it in your

instagram reels and lastly you need to

structure your reels to tap into a

psychological phenomenon known as

sensory overload this will ensure that

your reels get watched again and again

and again

if you’ve ever wondered why your

instagram posts start getting the reach

and engagement that they used to or

maybe you’re one of the chosen few that

the instagram algorithm smiles upon and

actually shows your stuff to your


crazy idea right i mean instagram

actually showing your stuff to your

followers are you crazy are you out of

your mind well even if you’re one of the

lucky ones you’re probably still seeing

an initial bump when you first publish a

post only to be followed by a rapid

decline with your content never being

seen again well if that sounds familiar

don’t worry you’re not alone and i’ve

got good news the reason your posts on

instagram aren’t getting the reach and

engagement and followers that you want

is probably just because you’re posting

at the wrong time yeah it really could

be that simple because here’s the thing

the best time to post on instagram has

changed so today i’m going to show you

exactly when you need to be posting in

order to give your content the highest

likelihood of success i’m also going to

be sharing with you a few tools and

resources that make this whole instagram

marketing thing a whole lot faster and

easier more effective too and while this

video today is not sponsored it is

supported by those of you who have

signed up for the digital marketing

academy you can learn more by checking

the link in the description below this

video and thank you for your support so

with that said let me show you how it’s

done starting with the best time that

you need to be posting on instagram

which is at 9 56 a.m on wednesday now

you might be wondering adam how did you

come up with such a specific time and

day i mean that’s a little bit crazy

kinda weird i mean is all you do

nowadays study different social media

algorithms and how they work in order to

come up with the perfect marketing



but here’s the thing this time 9 56 a.m

on wednesday is a great starting place

but it comes with a few warnings three

warnings to be specific first you should

know i’m not just completely pulling

this number out of my thin air so

there’s a method behind the madness so

if you’re trying to find the best time

to post definitely start here next as

fortunate as i am to have been doing

this whole marketing thing for over 10

years now and with great access to other

marketers and companies and software i’m

still always looking through the latest


alright so the very first thing that we

need to cover here is instagram’s kind

of reactionary approach to the features

that it launches you see back when

instagram first came out well it wasn’t

even a photo sharing app it was actually

a photo filter app but that quickly

evolved and quickly adapted to the

market and well it became a photo

sharing app that people knew and grew to

love now the instagram feed kind of

evolved or kind of changed into a quasi

facebook news feed copy type of thing

but a whole lot more picture oriented

but we’re going to give them a free pass

on that one because facebook owns

instagram and so you know do what you

want to do but then the waters start to

get a little bit murkier because they

introduce stories which let’s be honest

are a pretty blatant and obvious rip-off

of snapchat now ethics aside the reality

is is that the adoption or borrowing or

implementation of stories well it cost

billions of dollars to snapchat’s

valuation and severely slowed their

growth but i mean hey i guess that’s

just business still though stories were

a success so we’ll give them a point for

that one not content to just do that

though they also introduced igtv which

is kind of a blatant rip-off of youtube

i guess blatant rip-off is kind of cruel

why don’t we just say a copy or their

own version yeah

that’s nicer now it could be argued and

probably quite compellingly that igtv

never really took off certainly nowhere

near like youtube and in fact on that

note it’s kind of almost like facebook

watch which yes is a thing but a thing

that not a whole lot of people know

about certainly nowhere near in

comparison to netflix or youtube or

amazon not content to just keep doing

their own thing though they also went

and well let’s be honest on this one

blatantly ripped off tiktok with reels

but unlike many of the other features

that instagram adopted from other

channels they at least seem to be doing

something right with reels and the fact

that it’s based more on recommendations

than the algorithm but more on that in

just a minute but first we need to talk

about the elephant in the room the fact

that instagram came out and said we’re

no longer a photo sharing app so why

would they do this why would instagram

take everything that it’s known for and

simply throw it away in favor of the

next new and shiny thing

video well my friend the answer is

actually really simple first of all

video isn’t really that new and there

has been a very clear and very

compelling and statistically driven and

validated and research reported

direction and move towards video for the

past many many number of years it feels

really weird for me to sit here today

and talk to you about the importance of

video because we already know well now

instagram knows too but they’ve kind of

already known it which is why they tried

with more video style stories why they

tried with igtv and why they’ve

introduced reels as well the only thing

that’s really happening now is they’re

making their position official really

all they’re doing is admitting the facts

and saying something we already know

which is videos important and people

like it and they watch a lot of video so

why did instagram do this well it’s

simple it’s because video means more

people on the platform having more fun

and staying longer and staying longer

means more views and more engagement and

all of that means more money because

they can sell more ads i mean just think

about it for a second how long does it

take for someone to interact and engage

with a photo we’re talking about two to

three seconds at most before they scroll

by and that opportunity is pretty much

lost a video on the other hand well this

could be 20 seconds or 30 seconds or two

minutes or three minutes we’re talking

orders of magnitude larger which means

orders of magnitude more revenue and

growth and honestly more user enjoyment

as well as people simply like engaging

with videos more doesn’t mean that

people hate photos and never want to

look at photos anymore it just means

they like videos more at least most of

the time how did they come to this

conclusion well simply by looking at

user behavior and time on site every

single social media network and platform

has its own algorithm and has its own

user signals that it uses to measure

success and content quality and if

people are actually enjoying it or not

instagram is more powerful today than

it’s ever been before with over a

billion monthly active users the ability

to reach a huge variety of different age

ranges and demographics and a pretty

even split between both males and

females well the odds are good that your

ideal customers those perfect clients

that you want to work with well they’re

active and present on instagram but you

probably already know that that’s why

you’re here but what you may not have

known is that not only is instagram

widely used but it’s also widely used to

make buying and purchasing decisions by

your potential customers and savvy

entrepreneurs and business owners know

this this is why more and more business

owners and entrepreneurs and creatives

are swarming and flocking and hurting

all kinds of animal terms and that’s why

more and more business owners are taking

instagram a whole lot more seriously in

order to generate new leads new clients

new customers and new sales and

essentially to grow their business so

let’s take a look at a few of the most

effective strategies that are working on

instagram right now so you can do the

same first off it’s important to

understand just how powerful and how

powerfully addictive this platform

really is 63

of all instagram users check the app at

least once a day and 42

check it multiple times a day sometimes

multiple multiple multiple times a day

basically your customers and your

clients they’re active and they’re

present and they’re engaged on instagram

and they’re hungry for more content so

it only makes sense to give the people

what they want what this means for you

is that you as a business owner or as an

entrepreneur well you need to be posting

probably more often than you’re

currently posting most brands most

businesses tend to post on average

around one to two times a day so if

you’re not currently doing that you

probably need to up your game now

fortunately there is more than one way

to post of course you have what

everybody knows which is the instagram

feed but you also have stories and now

you also have reels so let’s take a look

at those one of the biggest ways that

business owners and entrepreneurs get

confused when it comes to instagram is

essentially with all of the different

options you have for creating and

posting content you used to have

essentially the feed and then they added

stories and now they’ve added reels

there’s also igtv and who knows what

else is going to be coming later down

the pipeline oh yeah i completely forgot

about ig live the point of the battery

is there’s a whole lot of stuff you can

do so where do you even start well

essentially what i’d like to suggest

here is that you start with your feed

first essentially your feed is what most

people know of when they think of

instagram it’s that perfectly curated

content wall of beautiful pictures and

images and things like that next up you

have stories stories are an amazing

feature to use for kind of raw and

authentic and off the cuff or behind the

scenes type of content you can create

these on the fly as you go through your

day and they don’t need to be as perfect

or as nice as your feed and then of

course you have reels and reels are a

great way to have a little bit of fun

but they are a little bit more technical

to use and have a much deeper learning


alright if you’ve been following me or

this channel for any length of time then

you know just how big a proponent i am

of instagram ads after all they’re one

of the greatest marketing opportunities

available to businesses today i strongly

believe that pretty much everybody

should be at least testing them in their

business in order to see if they’re

going to convert for them but like all

things the quality and the results that

you get from your instagram advertising

campaign is largely going to come down

to the quality and the information that

you feed into the program itself

basically if you want good results and

more profitable campaigns out of

instagram ads well then you’re gonna

need to set these campaigns up properly

right from the beginning which is why

i’m pretty excited to get to share these

five newbie mistakes i see time and time

again among both novice and pretty

seasoned advertisers when it comes to

setting up profitable instagram ad

campaigns all starts with mistake number

one which is using the instagram promote

button now i totally understand

instagram has made this incredibly easy

and they’ve really kind of marketed this

button to you as that easy button for

your ad campaigns the parallels are

pretty much identical between the

facebook boost post button and the

instagram promote button and essentially

all these are is just real quick and

easy ways to get a campaign out there

without really doing much work behind it

all right moving right along to newbie

mistake number two which is using

instagram ads to build followers now we

saw this exact same scenario play out on

facebook a few years ago where brands

and businesses were dumping just a ton

of money into building those facebook

like campaigns and essentially building

up their followers and paying a whole

lot of money to do so well if history is

any indication of what’s gonna happen

here it’s pretty clear to say that a lot

of people are gonna spend a whole lot of

money building up these followers and

then instagram is gonna slash that reach

completely just like facebook did and

all of that time and money and energy

will be pretty much completely wasted

the next newbie mistake i see time and

time again among most of the ad accounts

that i audit is really relying solely on

image ads yes image ads still work and

they can work incredibly well but

relying on them as your only form of

creative is kind of crazy this is

especially true if you’ve never tested

or leveraged the power of video whether

we’re talking about feed or in the

stories basically you need to be testing

all kinds of different creative yes

image ads but also video ads and again

in the feed and in the stories the next

mistake that i see newbie advertisers

make when it comes to running instagram

ads is combining feed and story ads or

more accurately combining the creative

across both different versions now it’s

no secret that the feed and the stories

well they’re both very different in

regards to size and dimensions and video

length and essentially all the

formatting that goes into the creative

this is why it’s completely nuts to come

up with one creative and then just slap

it on all locations and hope for the

best because the reality is it’s gonna

look very different depending on which

one it’s designed for

all right let’s talk instagram because

it’s still one of the most relevant

popular and profitable social media

networks available for you today when it

comes to marketing your business online

i love the platform and use it in pretty

much every single one of my clients

accounts whether we’re talking organic

strategies or paid strategies we’re

amplifying their content and their

promotions through instagram ads in fact

i talk so much about instagram and

instagram advertising and marketing your

business on instagram that sometimes i

sound like a bit of an instagram

spokesperson but really is that powerful

a platform and i wouldn’t talk about it

this much if it didn’t work but like all

things the devil’s in the details and

what you get out of it has a lot to do

with what you put in now of course

you’re completely free to ignore the

rules and break the laws and do whatever

you want on instagram but there’s going

to be a penalty for that that penalty is

going to be a limited reach way less

engagement and essentially no results

from all of your instagram marketing

efforts and tip number six is all about

using ugc or user-generated content

user-generated content is one of those

fancy marketing terms that pretty much

just says exactly what it sounds like.