Linkedin Marketing Strategy

Best Linkedin marketing strategies for 2023.

This content will be jam-packed with

valuable tips and information so if

you’re ready to take your linkedin game

to the next level

please grab a pen and paper because

you’re going to need to take some notes

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right shall we start

step one first things first we’ve got to

get our house in order and start with

the obvious your profile needs to be

optimized this is the first place

potential customers will interact with

you on the platform and as more people

use linkedin properly they’ll be

expecting to see a nice headshot and a

compelling and informative banner image

not to mention all the information about

who you are and how you can help them in

plain sight have you ever gone on to

somebody else’s profile and being

completely underwhelmed by the lack of

care and attention it’s been given well

that’s not how you want your potential

customers to think of you so get your

house in order make your profile look

nice and then jump into step two

step two

what the heck should you post

this is my favorite question in the

world because it stumbles most people

who want to post online but don’t want

to just post rubbish that no one would

be interested in

but it kind of answers itself

what would your audience be interested

in who is your target avatar what

industry are they in and what do you

know that could benefit them people have

this strange fear of posting valuable

content as well thinking that customers

are gonna simply take that information

and do it themselves but it really

couldn’t be further from the truth you

might watch a website video on how to

build a website

but it doesn’t mean you’re gonna go and

make a really good website in fact

you’ll probably end up just hiring the

person from the video because they’ve

shown you that they know how to solve

your pain point

so when thinking about content for your

linkedin page try and consider these

three things and you’ll have content

coming out of your ears is there any

industry news your customers would find


are there common pain points you can

address and share tips on how to


are there any cliche scenarios that your

target market would relate to and you

could talk about

now we have an idea of what things we

can post about what types of posts work

best well at the moment videos and polls

are absolutely flying i mean polls are

everywhere they keep your audience

engagement high and linkedin therefore

pushes them higher in the algorithms

anything that keeps eyeballs on the

platform for longer is an obvious plus

excuse me if you don’t feel comfortable

presenting in front of camera and have

exhausted every pole you can think of do

you like cats more than dogs try

consider using slides these are a great

way to engage your audience and give

them valuable information in a fun and

interactive way to create a slide in

case you don’t know use a platform such

as canva there’s a link in the

description and create multiple pieces

of content saving them as a pdf this

will make them into a file that can be

shared via the documents tab when


and finally if you can’t do any of the

above try to use an image to support any

copy you’re writing posts with images

can stop people in the feed better than

just words and the goal is to tell

people about what you do and bring them

value so stopping them

is important

step three

grow your network and as i like to

practice what i preach after this video

please go and connect with me let me

know in a direct message that you found

me on youtube and i’ll always respond

without people in your network to see

your content

there’s only so far it can go and we

want our first connections engaging

which will then show it to your second

connections and so on and so on linkedin

has a 100 connection limit per week

however it’s actually every couple of

days so once you’ve hit your limit

simply don’t invite anyone for three or

four days and then start the process


this takes about 15 to 20 minutes if you

want to do all 100 invites in one go and

can quickly build up your network if

you’re consistent with it on top of this

providing valuable content will

encourage others to engage and share

your content with others and there’s no

limit to the amount of people that can

connect with you per week so once you’ve

reached your limit simply get to work on

producing some valuable content for your


it’s worth noting that numbers for

numbers sake won’t yield you any results

what i mean by this is simply connecting

with everyone and anyone whether they’re

in your target audience or not isn’t a

valuable exercise when connecting with

people you can narrow down the search to

pretty much nail your perfect customer


focusing on these types of connections

will mean your content will be seen by

the right people who are more likely to

interact with you and potentially buy

your services

step foot step four already

jesus right if you haven’t hit that like

button and subscribed already i’m not

gonna go any further until you do

what you’re gonna do

okay that’s not fair on the lovely folk

that have so we will continue but i’m


step four is about utilizing groups

facebook was the platform that really

showed the potential of groups and

linkedin has that same potential yet

very few are using it and you know what

that means big opportunity once you’ve

started to build your very targeted

audience invite them to your industry or

service specific group and share more

intimate and detailed content as a

benefit group posts will land with those

people and you’ll more easily be able to

grow as an authority in the space which

is what we need to do

let’s say you provide coaching services

for business owners that want to scale

their businesses online invite those

business owners to your digital tips for

business owners group and you’ll further

narrow the pool of more serious and

engaged people in your network

people you’ll be able to pitch to later

on if they’ve joined your group that is

named that specific chances are that

they’re considering that thing as a

potential solution to their problem

you’ll notice the people accepting your

group invite aren’t huge but that’s good

you’ve narrowed down your funnel

step five

finally we’ve come to the most boring

but the most crucial element of linkedin

for 2022


whilst most are either just learning

about the potential of linkedin or have

tried it for a few weeks and lost their

motivation your consistency will be the

difference between you standing out and

building a brand on the platform and

falling into the same trap as the others

who will all end up trying again in six

months time when they once again realize

it’s the future of business marketing

but by then you’ll be six months ahead

continue to update your profile keep

things fresh post valuable content and

relevant content to your target audience

grow your network each week and watch as

the numbers of engagement and followers


as the old saying goes the bigger your

network the bigger your net worth so go

out there and take some action on the

most important platform during the most

transformative digital moment in the

history of mankind.