Logo/Graphic Designing For SMM

While growing a youtube channel to

almost 1 million subscribers and 33000

instagram followers respectively there

are some truly powerful optimization

hacks that i’ve learned along the way

> Number one is to make sure you have

a pinned tweet and here’s exactly why

the pinned tweet is at the very first

thing that people will see when they hit

that button and head over to your

account apart from your bio of course

and there will be hacks for that later

but a pin tweet means it’s prime real

estate on a social network that

typically moves really really fast

to make the pin tweet effective use a

striking and interesting image or video

clip also make sure you use relevant

hashtags and absolutely have a call to

action that directs people away from the

tweets to wherever you want them to go

and i’ve actually just changed the pin

tweet on my account recently so now

traffic gets diverted to my logo design

e-guide website learn about my recent

educational adventure with the online

community skillshare as well as how to

get a one month free trial stay tuned

until the very end of today’s video and

the next hack for optimizing social

media is so important these days and

that is using linked tree link tree is a

very cost effective service that

basically collects all of your call to

action links into one nice neat location

you can customize the layouts and design

of your link tree and once it is filled

with your portfolio behance social

networks and so on blast that thing all

over your social bios and beyond

not only does it look professional but

it just makes sense it’s a mega awesome

call to action the next important social

media hack is to consider getting

business or professional versions of

each social media account so for example

twitter business and then instagram

professional you can upgrade your

accounts simply in the settings menu and

the instructions are easily found online

but that begs the question why even do

it in the first place firstly you can

have the data on follower insights you

can see what they’re clicking on what

they’re searching for and all of that

good stuff

it may also allow for customers to reach

out to brands and provide their feedback

or even ask for help brands can then use

this as an opportunity to not only

collect vital feedback to improve their

products but also to deliver the

supports that customers need the next

social media hack should be obvious to

all graphic designers but i really

should mention it in this video it’s the

almighty b word and no i don’t mean

whatever curse words just entered your

mind rather i mean branding

all of your social networks should be

instantly recognizable as being yours

using the same color schemes the same

layouts and font choices are essential

to building a strong brand recognition

and a community around that brand social

media hack number five is to

be social you should focus on being

social more than promotional if you

promote things too much then you come

across as fake and well just unsociable

you’ll be outcast by your followers and

you just won’t grow pretty simple

you need to get involved in discussions

and use social media for the very reason

it was first created

and hack number six is to tag bigger or

more well-known accounts from time to

time or just give them a mention not

only will this get you into popular

discussions and topics which increases

discoverability but it also gives you

the chance for a powerhouse account to

respond to you and give you the extra

clout you don’t want to be spammy with

this approach you don’t want to be

aggressive and if you do use this method

make sure that you tag relevant people

to what you’re talking about or your

niche sector and the next hack is all

about your bio on social media because

it really does need to be seo friendly

or search engine optimized this means

incorporating hashtags and keywords that

you should have already researched in

regard to your reach and discoverability

on social media for example logo logo

designer and so on also keep the bio as

short as possible and refine it down to

its core essentials and remember to link

your link tree too

social hack number eight is to solve a

problem quickly on social media some of

the biggest posts to blow up in a

graphic design niche are those quick 30

to 60 second tutorials in say photoshop

illustrator watching these people can

learn something very quickly and then

share it to someone else who they know

why well because it’s a burst of quick

knowledge that solves a problem

think along these lines for awesome

returns on your posts and hack number

nine is one of my favorites and it is

that you should try to become an

editorial or magazine expert this means

that you absolutely crush it when it

comes to titles the title should contain

interesting buzzwords and emotional

triggers this is not clickbait it’s what

magazine editors always do clickbait is

when a title is misleading and doesn’t

provide what it says so don’t listen to

those who claim otherwise they just

don’t understand the power and

importance of titles

there are three tools that you can use

to optimize titles that i will link

below and as you can see they’re really

easy to use the penultimate hack in

today’s video is one of the most

important to arguably the most important

and that is to stay consistent remaining

consistent not only helps the algorithm

push your content out to other people it

also means that you as a brand remain in

the minds of the audience and if you can

ensure you remain in their minds then

you will likely get more engagements

sure designers don’t get clients from

other designers that often but you will

still get some kind of engagement from

them which is handy of course and they

may even share or promote your stuff to

other people and other designers next up

consider promoting some of your posts on

social media but there is a but here of

course be careful it said that you need

to spend money to make money and the

most successful brands on twitter and

instagram have both paid for and then

organic strategies but like i said you

need to be careful here

set a budget per month and then spread

it out over very select few posts

make sure you only promote posts that

are going to be beneficial to you in

terms of clicks and sales

on twitter you can also do things like

pay to promote a specific trend

even though buying a promoted trend

makes it so that your topic is one of

the most discussed topics on twitter any

given time it can be one of the most

expensive twitter advertising options

out there and now you can head off into

the sunset with your social media

optimized but it won’t happen overnight

it’s a long term game that brands play

on a weekly monthly yearly basis now if

you’re satori graphics aficionado you

will know that i do love motion graphics

and that’s exactly why i’ve taken a

short but sweet class by andrea on after

effects but before i get into that you

might be wondering what is skillshare

well it’s an online learning community

with thousands of online classes with

members across 150 countries and they

all come together to find inspiration

and take the next step in their creative

journey i wanted to level up my motion

graphics skills and as you can see i’m

looking into the adobe after effects

section right here now you can choose

your experience level and importantly

the amount of time that you want to

spend on a class so if you are like me

and you find yourself strapped of free

time you can easily choose the right

class that suits your schedule

anyway i worked my way through this

glitch effect and text animation class

by andrea and it consisted of four

different bite size lessons i was really

happy with how easy it was to follow and

well check the results for yourself

and if you want to get the opportunity

to explore the vast library of lessons

on skillshare across things like graphic

design and motion graphics 3d design .