Off Page SEO

What is Off-page SEO ?

Off-page SEO is the back end ongoing process that includes link building, guest posting, social media marketing, and more. Off-page SEO is not only important—it plays a major role in your site’s ability to rank. Off-page SEO includes activities done off of a website in an effort to increase the site’s search engine rankings.

Off-page SEO elements can
help to build these areas,

and give you access to signals that boost
authority and build trust in both the eyes

of the search engines
and us mere mortals.

There’s a common feeling that
off-page SEO is hard work

because a lot of the time it’s out of
your control – and in that sense, it’s true.

But that’s why it’s such an
important ranking factor!

If something’s harder to get,
then it’s harder to manipulate,

and ultimately that makes it a more
reliable source to search engines

when it’s trying to work out how to
place websites in the rankings.

Off-page SEO includes things like
social media, link building, and local SEO

the things that can help generate
referral traffic back to your site.

It helps to bring those potential customers
and visitors to your site, where your on-page

SEO work can then take over and
make sure they have an awesome digital experience.

Works together nicely, doesn’t it?

One of the major players in off-page SEO is links.

This is quite simply a link to your site
that sits on someone else’s.

But, as with all things in digital
marketing, relevancy is key.

Having links from high-quality sites to
yours is a trust signal for search engines,

proving to them you’re trusted by
others and therefore they can trust you too.

You want to focus on obtaining high quality links
that come from authoritative sites

and are relevant to your brand.

Is there a leader in your industry, someone
everyone looks up to and trusts?

Try and work with them to
get links to your site

whether that’s through a blog post, a
directory or something else equally valuable.

These can either develop naturally as these
companies find you themselves,

or you can get in touch to explain who
you are and what you do,

seeing if you can find some neutral
ground to make some collaborative content.

Whilst links are essentially the
backbone of off-page SEO,

there are other things to consider too –
from your social media presence,

to guest blogging opportunities,
to really any other way

that can help to create a buzz
around your brand.

When another brand mentions you online,
whether they link to you or not,

is a great way to go about this.

Factor ways into your marketing
activity that can help you

to increase the number of brand
mentions you’re getting.

This could be in other people’s content,
on social media channels or forums.

Things like user-generated content and collaborations
are a great example to get brand mentions

maybe you could do some blogger outreach,
looking to either guest-blog

or have guest writers for your own in order
to extend your reach.

Try not to think of this as a selling tactic,
but rather an opportunity

to increase your audience’s
affinity to your brand.

This will set you on the right path for
successful off-page SEO.

Keep in mind that your offline
marketing activity

may inadvertently help to boost
your off-page SEO efforts too!

If you’re planning on hosting an event,
running a pop-up, initiating a marketing stunt

or any other kind of activity…

make it something people will want to talk about,
and then you’ve got yourself some brand mentions.

An example of such is Tesla…

back in 2018 when they
launched a car into space,

they then saw a dramatic spike
in published articles

mentioning the car brand and
linking to the Tesla site.

I wonder if David Bowie saw an
increase in website traffic?

Whilst you might not be in a position to launch
your product into space, you get the idea,

and if you can launch things
into space, give us a call.

Luke really wants to go to the moon.

So, that was a whistle stop
tour of off-page SEO

essentially, things you can do outside
of your immediate website to drive traffic there.

Get people talking about you in one way or another,
and if they provide a direct link to you, then even better.

Tips to increase your Off-Page Seo …….


Social media.

Managing your socials
is not only a great tool

for raising awareness around your brand,

it’s also a fantastic way

to increase your search engine ranking.

Creating a post that brings
traffic to your website

from any social media shows search engines

that your site must have great content.

The search engine then
pushes your site higher

and this will bring even more traffic.

Creating engaging posts regularly

that people can interact with

will help make search
engines recognize your site

and bring people to it.

The next top tip is link building.

When there are links to your
site from other websites,

it’s like walking into a party

and other people are
already talking about you.

The more sites that link to yours,

the higher search engines will view yours.

This is a great way to build
credibility and authority

with the search engines.

You can get it earned or natural links

where people naturally link
to your site on their own.

These links could appear
in an article, a review,

or even a similar website to yours.

Your site will be linked
without any effort of your own

and this shows how
attractive your business is.

You can also get built links

where you reach out to other websites

and work to get your site linked.

When you reach out to
reviewers, other websites,

or influencers to include
links to your site,

you’re building bridges
back to your own site.

Whatever you do, don’t flood or spam.

Flooding a forum and
spamming links to your site

can actually make search
engines lower your site rank

and find you uncredible.

When looking to get your site linked,

the more sites that can link to your own,

the more effective linking will be.

Linking gets even more effective

if you’re getting linked
from similar sites

that have high-quality text
and have great on-page SEO.