Scope after Digital Marketing

It’s 2023 and the way you’ll Market your

business this year is going to be really

different from how you’ve done it in the

past there are so many new opportunities

that just hit the scene and I’m about to

show you the most powerful marketing

strategies that you can use in 2023 to

take your business from this to this now

modern marketing really falls into five

big buckets or categories so we’ll dive

into each one and I’m going to share

with you the single thing that’s working

best right now for each along with

actionable tips that you can use to

bring them to life so let’s just start

with our first bucket content marketing

if you want to create content that’s

going to really make an impact this year

and for the foreseeable future it’s all

about short form vertical video so I’m

talking Tick Tock Instagram reels and

YouTube shorts when Tick Tock took the

World by storm toward the beginning of

the pandemic not only did it resonate

big time with cooped up viewers but it

also got plenty of attention from other

social media apps first Instagram ripped

it off I mean was inspired by its

success their CEO Adam Missouri actually

came right out and said last year we’re

no longer a photo sharing app because

let’s be honest there’s some really

serious competition right now Tick Tock

is huge how do we Embrace video more

about full screen immersive entertaining

mobile first video next YouTube made

their play by introducing shorts and

whenever these major players roll out

new features they’re gonna incentivize

you to use them with more views which

brings more visibility and more

engagement and if this were last year I

might be telling you to be a little

skeptical about going all in on this

trend simply because they were so new

and they may not last well I’m not

telling you that this year short form

video looks like it’s here to stay and

it’s probably your best bet for those

higher levels of Engagement and to be

remembered by your target audience and

if you’re worried this will only attract

genzirs that’s not necessarily the case

first of all tick tock’s user base is

aging up with 53 of its users now over

the age of 30 plus when you post those

same videos as reels on Instagram you’re

able to reach an even more mature

audience so let’s talk about what you

should post and how often to get you the

best results even if you don’t

necessarily want to go on camera

yourself so first of all Studies have

shown that if you really want to grow on

these platforms you need to commit to at

least one video per day to prove how

powerful daily reels can be Instagram

expert Dominic Rieger challenged five

random students of his to do just that

and the ones who actually stuck with it

for 60 days saw their follow accounts

explode to over 34 000 people but the

Slackers who only posted once per week

grew by about 40 followers so elephant

in the room time now but Wes how can I

possibly produce and post a video every

single day it doesn’t have to be as hard

as you think so my first piece of advice

don’t be precious about the production

value in other words your videos don’t

have to look like oscar-winning

masterpieces it’s really not about that

videos that look like this work

perfectly well and there are actually a

few types of videos that you can can

churn out with really minimal planning

and effort here are a few ideas to get

you started so you can create videos

that offer a quick tip advice a process

you use a surprising statistic related

to your Niche a product you love a book

you recommend or a tool that you can’t

live without and you can present any of

these ideas in any number of ways you

can do a talking straight to camera or

with some related point of view video in

the background and text on screen or

even with the green screen feature and

the way this works best is if you could

just put aside a Time block of a few

hours every week to work on batching all

the videos for the following week and I

know it sounds like a lot of work here

but at the end of the day these videos

are all super short like 7 to 30 seconds

and when you consider that you can reuse

them on three major platforms the

exposure you can get is well worth it

let’s get to our next bucket search

engine marketing so if you want to get

found in search this year there there’s

a brand new Google Update that you need

to know about they’re calling it their

helpful content update and since this is

so new I had a bunch of questions about

it for one of my go-to SEO experts Ricky

Kessler from income school so Ricky what

exactly is this new helpful content

algorithm update all about the helpful

content update really if you ask me is

all about trying to get back to content

that was written for people for years

and years and years now people have

really focused on written content that

tries to optimize for the algorithm

that’s what SEO is Right optimizing for

the search engine so knowing that what

are a few actionable things that

business owners can do with their

websites if they want to rank in Google

search in 2023 we need to think about

what is the intent of the user when they

do a search that should land them on

your sales page so what we would want on

there is answers to the questions that

people are likely searching we want to

make sure that those are clearly covered

so it sounds like we just need to be

super complete on our important SEO page

is right like how do we make sure our

visitors aren’t left with questions that

they need to keep searching for on our

competitors websites so on a sales page

you know FAQs specs the pricing making

sure that we’re answering the questions

people are searching for on a home page

ideally we’d like to be ranking for the

type of service we’re offering and so

what we need to be doing is thinking

through what are the search queries that

people are searching and then we create

the most helpful content that answers

that I’ll give an example for a local

based business I had a physical

therapist that I was working with he

found out that there was like no content

around how much does physical therapy

cost in his particular location and so

he wrote content just clearly answering

that question not just how much his

service costs but how much it costs in

the area and sort of what you get at the

different price levels and the cool

thing about this update is it generally

means that you can create fewer pages

and posts so in 2023 just go all in in

on a handful of your most important ones

remember going deep in a few key places

is going to get you better results than

going shallow and Broad okay time for

our next strategy under the bucket of

social media marketing we have the rise

of user generated content otherwise

known as having influencers create stuff

on social for you and influencers bring

a lot of benefits with them in fact 61

of viewers actually trust the product

recommendations they get from the

influencers they follow now compare that

to only 38 that will trust social media

content put out by you as a business and

that’s why this is such a big

opportunity for 2023 but before you

write this off is too expensive or too

hard to coordinate that is what this tip

is going to solve trust me this makes it

incredibly easy and streamlined and

really fairly hands off actually thanks

to tick tock’s Creator Marketplace tick

tock’s not only the fast destroying

social platform and like I said it’s

aging up every day but with their career

Marketplace you can find the right

influencers at any budget you can

negotiate terms and get them started all

through the platform you don’t have to

search for the contact info then email

them or DM them like you used to nobody

has time for all that but

it works through the Creator Marketplace

once you set up your account you can

start to use the filters they’ve got for

you to find the best influencers for

your audience you can filter things like

the country they’re in or better yet the

country or region Their audience is in

follower accounts average views per

video or engagement rate and believe it

or not sometimes you’d actually want to

go for people with lower follower

accounts because generally speaking the

what we call Nano influencers who have

smaller followings of one to ten

thousand have much higher engagement

rates to put this in context the average

Nano influencers engagement rate is

right around 5.6 percent as opposed to

2.15 percent for those mid-tier

influencers or 1.19 for those Mega

influencers but you probably can’t

afford a Kardashian anyway so let’s just

keep things realistic here and where it

gets really interesting is you can

filter it down by topics these

influencers focus on as of right now

this isn’t a really exhaustive list so

this will probably only be a viable

option for you if your business has a

fairly broad appeal and if you can

narrow your audience based on these

really high level interests and basic

demographics like age gender and

location and this is actually pretty

cool it lets you filter by fast growing

creators only which is one of the things

you’d actually want to be looking for

when you’re choosing someone but you can

start seeing their prices right away and

you can see what their typical content

looks like I do recommend checking out

each profile before reaching out to them

to make sure that their analytics look

decent but from there you just choose

the influencers you’d like to work with

pick the goal of the campaign then you

fill out all the info related to The

Campaign then you make an offer and then

it’s up to them to either accept it or

not and I do recommend working with

several at a time because that gives you

more chances for some of these posts to

maybe go viral rather than just going

all in on one single Creator and one

single post and I’ve got a Bonus tip for

you here too so not only can these posts

go viral on their own but you can

actually turn these influencer posts

into paid Tick Tock ads they call them

spark ads and they can be incredibly

effective not to mention that you’re

essentially getting these Tick Tock Pros

to create your ads for you so just

choose the posts that ended up getting

the highest level of organic engagement

and throw a little money behind it to

push it out even further okay moving on

to our next bucket email marketing so

while email isn’t the newest shiniest or

sexiest category it is the most

profitable which to me makes it a little

bit sexier right and if you haven’t

heard me say it before email marketing

actually has a 42 times Roi on average

so for every dollar you put into your

email marketing campaigns you’re likely

to make 42 dollars in return but in

order female marketing to work you gotta

get your ideal customers email addresses

in the first place right and that’s what

strategy is all about interactive lead

magnets now a lead magnets just anything

that you can you know dangle in front of

your prospects in exchange for their

email address traditionally it’s been

everything from sign up for our

newsletter not great to offering a

really actionable download like a

checklist or cheat sheet or even video

series getting warmer but those things

are usually just delivered for your

prospect to act on it all on their own

but interactive lead magnets usually get

higher opt-in rates and your potential

customer usually gets a better result

too because they’re more invested in it

and my two favorite interactive lead

magnets for 2023 are timed challenges

and quizzes so a timed challenge is a

great way to build a lot of touch points

with your opt-ins over a period of

anywhere from five to Thirty days so the

way it works is you figure out what goal

or result you want to promise to help

your prospects achieve on their own with

guidance from you of course then work

backwards to nail down all the little

baby steps that are going to help them

get there and how many days they’ll need

to do it so some common time periods for

these types of challenges or 5 7 10 or

  1. usually the shorter you can make it

the better then every day for the

duration of the challenge you email them

with that day’s activity or assignment

that they need to complete and this

works even better if you can vary up how

you deliver the information for instance

if you can sprinkle some videos into

your emails every once in a while you’ll

take that relationship building to a

whole new level and a quiz Works

particularly great if you wanted to

tailor your advice or action plan to

each person’s unique circumstances you

just want to use an online quiz Builder

I use you want to ask

the right questions similar to what you

might ask in a one-on-one consultation

so that at the end they arrive at a

result that then kicks off you you

sending them something just for that

specific result okay time for our next

marketing bucket PPC or pay-per-click

marketing and this strategy is honestly

a game changer when it comes to paid

advertising it’s all about being

omnipresent or everywhere online all at

once and there’s a really easy way to

achieve that thanks to Google .