Shopify from other people online maybe

you’re looking to move a physical

business to an online business maybe

you’re looking to start a brand new

online store and so whatever your reason

is in this video I’m going to dive into.

What Shopify is ?

what it does ?

what the benefits and the drawbacks of it ?

are as……

Well as go into some examples of other

Shopify sites and get you started with

the first steps moving forward so

Shopify is a complete and comprehensive

e-commerce platform meaning it does

pretty much everything you need to sell

online it has millions of merchants

using it to run their online stores to

run their businesses to run their blogs

and Shopify automates dozens of jobs for

you so you can run an online store with

as little effort and as little payroll

as possible so instead of hiring a web

developer and someone to track inventory

and all these different jobs Shopify

automates many of these jobs with free

built-in software so in just over maybe

an hour maybe two hours you can make a

stunning professional website with no

web development background at all so you

can see why this is so appealing to so

many people to be able to make a really

clean and professional online store with

really no experience and also automate

their inventory and things like that

they’re advertising all built into

Shopify so going a little bit deeper

Shopify first of all lets you build a

website you can choose from a lot of

different templates build your website

design your website customize it for

your own needs then you can list

products you can have many different

kinds of products I’ll talk about that

in a minute you can track your inventory

you can organize your marketing

campaigns you have a lot of different

apps and plugins so they integrate with

a lot of other software out there and it

really does have nearly everything you

would need for an online store and one

other important thing to note here is

that it is cloud-based so if you make

this on your laptop at home you can

access it from any desktop anywhere in

the world or your phone or really

anything obviously with an internet

connection the templates as I mentioned

before do make this a really easy way

website builder and so it’s not only

very customizable of course you can do

anything you want there but you can also

start off from a really nice base level

having a template so you can just look

at you know dozens of different

templates some of them are free some of

them are paid and once you find a

template you like you can start building

on that you can change the font you can

change the color you can change the

images and then you’ll have a really

nice looking website with very little

effort because you didn’t have to design

the overall layout the spacing of things

all of that you can choose with a

template in the very beginning but of

course shop finds much more than just a

website builder shop is in the name so

obviously the intent here is to be

selling things on Shopify and you can

really think of it like instead of

selling on Amazon or on eBay you’re

selling on your own store your own

website your own online store here and

so you can actually sell many different

styles of products too which gives you

this extra layer of flexibility of

course you can sell physical products

online I think that’s the first thing

people think of but a lot of people

don’t realize you can also sell digital

products on Shopify you can sell

services so that could be like a

coaching or something like that you can

sell gift cards as well so that’s

another way to boost your business and

you do have some point of sale or POS

opportunities that mean that you can

sell things in person and do that

through your Shopify store like so if

you have a storefront and you have an

online store you know you want to track

your inventory together you want to have

all your payments go the same way so a

point of sale is really a nice feature

that works well with Shopify as well and

on top of that you can sell on social

storefronts so by this I mean an

Instagram storefront for example you can

sell directly through Instagram using

Shopify and of course Shopify integrates

with many many different social media

platforms and really a lot of other

software’s out there as well Shopify

also has their own payment process there

so Shopify payments but you could accept

PayPal and just you know a lot of

different ways to accept credit cards on

there so accepting credit cards in

person or online again another benefit

because it’s very reputable and many

consider it to be very safe I keep

mentioning out this video that you can

track inventory of course when things

are being sold online or using the point

of sale you can track the inventory like

I said but you can also get low

inventory alerts so you’re able to not

have to spend time going through and

looking at your inventory and instead

it’ll just notify you and you can place

another order for more of your inventory

of course you can also dig into

analytics besides just what’s in

inventory you can look at who visited

your website how long they were on there

what they bought what was added to cart

all these different things that can help

you optimize and if you have multiple

products it’s a great way to figure out

which products are working well like

which ones do people like but then they

don’t actually go through and buy them

maybe the pricing’s not right the

analytics can really go a long way and

besides that you can actually also have

a Blog on Shopify so the blogging

capabilities here allow you to get a

little bit of a larger Reef so for

example if you sell kitchen supplies

maybe a cutting board or something like

that maybe you would want to have a Blog

about some different recipes or maybe

you want to have a Blog about like top

10 kitchen supplies and in there if you

start ranking in Google you get that

organic traffic people are coming over

for free reading your article and in

your article maybe you have a subtle

little plug saying by the way this is

our cutting board that way you’re

getting some free extra traffic for

people that could buy or potentially buy

your cutting board your kitchen supplies

whatever it is you’re selling and

another thing I keep mentioning is the

Integrations so I want to elaborate on

that a little bit more as well you have

the ability with Shopify to get apps so

to speak so these are plugins or

Integrations with Shopify so if you’re

using Shopify you can have an

integration with printful for example

where you could do a print-on-demand

drop shipping where you don’t actually

have the inventory but you’re selling

like actually I made this sweatshirt I

wasn’t trying to wear this for this

video but I I like I made the sweatshirt

in a tutorial where I showed you guys

how to do that essentially it’s like if

I was going to sell this sweatshirt I

don’t need to hold any inventory I just

have printful connected when somebody

orders this sweatshirt through my

website printful makes the sweatshirt

and ships direct to them so so that’s an

example of one of the cool Integrations

but there’s many more from marketing to

like an email campaign with MailChimp

different things like that and in

addition there is a Marketplace full of

experts to help you if you get stuck

along the way but I honestly hope that

never happens because we have several

tutorials on how to use Shopify like I

said I have a like about a two and a

half hour tutorial on how to use Shopify

to do print on demand Drop Shipping with

printful but of course other tutorials

on just using Shopify alone I’ll link

those down below by the way we do not

sell any course some content out there

sells courses so you watch a video and

then you get upsoles we don’t do that so

I promise everything that I think that

you need to know to make a Shopify store

is in fact in that video on YouTube for

free just go on down click that link and

you can head over to that and now I want

to actually get into some examples of

Shopify stores these are ones that I

found and I’ll show you what to look for

to identify a Shopify store but the

first one this is Anchor a pretty

reputable brand actually a really large

brand that makes you know different

Electronics they make battery Banks they

make chargers for your phone they also

make different things like projectors

and even headphones and speakers so a

pretty wide sprawling brand pretty big

brand and they’re using Shopify to sell

their stuff another one is Oregon you

can see that they’re in grocery stores

all over they make protein powder so

really Shopify is obviously very popular

among big Brands including Kylie

Cosmetics like the Kardashians Kim also

uses this

um you can see like there that’s a

massive brand it’s a huge business and

of course with that they’re running most

of their sales or many of their sales

through Shopify Additionally you can see

climate right here I really like how

they designed theirs more of an

outdoorsy feel of course because they’re

selling uh camping pads or sleeping pads

so those are just a couple examples of

some Shopify sites the way that I

usually go about identifying them is I

will go to any website a website that

usually is an individual seller you go

to their online store and then if you go

to uh you know more tools on Chrome for

example you can go to inspect there’s

other browsers that have something

similar some some type of inspect and

you’ll be able to search for Shopify so

if Shopify shows up odds are they’re

using Shopify for their online store so

what are the drawbacks with Shopify

really there aren’t a lot of huge ones

it’s a pretty frictionless experience

that a lot of people really do enjoy of

course if you wanted a little bit more

customization something like WordPress

could be a good option and I have

tutorials on how to do that as well it’s

definitely a lot more technical but you

could save a couple extra dollars and

you could customize it a little bit more

so I would say for about 95 percent of

users out there Shopify is probably your

best bet for making an online store it’s

just the easiest everything is bundled

together and ultimately like it’s just a

really frictionless experience.