Trade India

How tradeindia is earning for google ?

Try to understand and I am explaining you in detail so do understand properly suppose you are getting a house in bidding and its base price is Rs 10000 base price means atleast at Rs 10000 and it could be more than that so suppose if a person goes for bidding then you much will be the price may be 10000 or 10001 and if two person will bid then competition will increase and may be it will sold at Rs 11000 or Rs 13000 or may be higher and if more people will arrive like 3,4,5,6 then the bidding price will tend to increase more often so google hole business revolves around ads we know google search services are free of cost this video you are watching is free of cost but the ads you see is the earning source of google when you search on google you see ads now the ads which will come first depends on bidding price there is a huge complex factor but in simple the one who pay higher will comes top in the search result, hypothetically so suppose soya lecithin in this one is competing for bidding so google is earning on this? basically no money so Trade India approaches the person selling soya lecithin and pitch them as I will make a website for this and run a ad for you and you will be appearing top on the search result the seller gets aware of its need and the seller approves for the ad so due to the ad the bidding process gets started so the Trade India approaches other soya seller and tells him about his google result and pitches for them so with the invent of 4 to 5 competitor the competition will increase automatically which result in increase in bidding price and ultimately google will get the profit I don’t know if google has tied a not with them ao may be google is providing any commission to them but Trade India is charging a commision with there customer If a company is helping google to earn money where previously google wasn’t earning any and now google is earning a lot with the help of others so why not google will provide premier partnership to them like trade india so there is good and bad thing too good thing is if you wanna to rank your business and wanna to run a ads then you will come top of the page so for that you need not to approach trade india you can run it too If you so some research and learn about google adword and if you want then you can check my adwords series if you will understand adword and apply to it then automatically you will tend to understand everything, but if you approach to tradeindia then they will charge you commision for it. also google will be in profit like always and if you don’t run a ad then you will be competing organically means for SEO, those website will be more good and many factors on it basically the website whose SEO will be better will be ranking on number 1 .